Anxiety and How to Handle It

Me, or any magnetic person is not immune to anxiety (or overall negative emotions).

A magnetic person still feels anxiety, fear, sadness, and so on.

A magnetic person is not a robot or inhuman.

There tends to be this common fallacy that someone with inner power and personal magnetism is never anxious or fearful.

Yet, this is far from the truth.

We’re all humans. And humans have negative emotions like anxiety and fear. Regardless of how much inner power and magnetism you have, you’ll still feel these negative emotions.

So what is the difference?

The difference is that a magnetic person doesn’t let himself be controlled by his emotions.

Anxiety may be there, but he still does whatever needs to be done. A magnetic person can take the right actions despite the fear he may be feeling.

He does this by learning how to manage his internal state. Inner power and energy awareness play a pivotal role here.

Recognizing, understanding and learning how to change your thoughts and mental states, while constantly using your Will and intention play an import role.

On a deeper layer with energy awareness and overall energy control, you can regulate the lower urges.

With both of these skills combined you can achieve a very good regulation of your internal state and anxious feelings.

So you are able to maintain a powerful state most of the time, with anxiety, fear and other negative emotions only creeping in on particular difficult situations (like an important exam, public speaking, important presentation at work, and so on), and even then you can manage it well.

Debilitating chronic anxiety, panic attacks or other serious psychological disorders are a different situation that must be handled in a different way.

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