Are all attractive individuals sexually magnetic?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Are all attractive individuals sexually magnetic?”

The answer is a resounding NO.

Despite what advertising tries to sell you, just because you are attractive it doesn’t mean you will be sexually magnetic.

There are attractive people who are sexually magnetic but there are also un-attractive people who are sexually magnetic and attractive people who aren’t sexually magnetic.

There’s not a correlation between physical attractiveness and being sexually magnetic.

Some models don’t have one inch of sexual magnetism. They are energetically dead.

That doesn’t mean they don’t attract others. After all, there’s a big ad spending machine that sells us a certain concept of beauty and what we should like.

So it’s perfectly normal they create a certain attraction and fascination. The problem comes after.

I remember a friend once telling me about some regular guy – not famous – cheating many times on his perfectly beautiful, famous and gorgeous wife.

“How could he cheat on her? She is perfect!” – my friend asked me.

Yet, I only needed one look at her to know that her sexuality was heavily inhibited and there was not one inch of sexual magnetism in her.

It was obvious for me. He was sexually magnetic, she was not. The result was evident.

Her physical attractiveness and fame couldn’t help her.

Physical attractiveness helps you get that initial second look. It gets your foot in the door.

All that comes after, depends on your magnetism.

Magnetism can create a much heavier and powerful attraction than the most beautiful face.

Remember what Hector Durville – one of the fathers of personal magnetism – had to say about this issue:

“We find ugly individuals which are magnetic and clearly exert in us an influence capable of swaying us in their favor, while at the same time we can be cold and unmovable with certain individuals with a beautiful appearance, that don’t affect us internally. These last ones are nothing more than beautiful statues, but without heat, without magnetism, simple images of life.”

“This influence, this personal magnetism, natural or acquired, doesn’t depend upon external appearance. A nice body, a majestic posture, a pleasant face, can contribute to it – and they do in a certain way. But we need to remember that there aren’t bodies so unappealing, or such ugly faces that they can’t be magnetic.”

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