Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“Are chakras real? Can they be blocked or open?”

Chakras is a common buzzword in new age circles.

It’s very common to hear people saying they are opening up their energy chakra or they have their root chakra blocked.

It’s also common to have hundreds of different meditations on the chakras.

There’s a lot of information on this topic if you search the web. Unfortunately, most of the information is misleading, confusing and contradictory.

Even if you go to the “traditional sources” on the chakras – hindu and tantric writings – you’ll be more confused than when you started.

So in Charisma School, doing a heavy work with energy, what do we make of all this?

In all our work in identifying and removing energetic blockages, certain places in the body are more common than others to have these kind of issues. And, coincidently or not, they are often in places that are traditionally designated as chakras.

Hence, we consider chakras as energy centers that are located in places where we tend to experience energy more strongly.

we don’t associate particular psychological states to each chakra or essential oils or crystals or anything of the sort. As good as all these tools can be, there is no background knowledge – other than modern authors – that associates chakras to any of it.

Whether they are beautiful lotus flowers with X, Y and Z petals and A, B or C color, we also don’t go into that.

We can’t tell you what is real or not, we only work with the experiences you have. If you tell me you feel a huge energy block on your knee, we will work with that the same way if this block was located in any of typical 7 chakra locations.

Once you begin to be aware of the energy, you’ll feel your own blocks and your own energy body. I will never tell you that just because you are anxious, you have a root chakra that is blocked… unless I’m working personally with you and feel indeed this area with a large block, but we can’t generalize it to everyone.

You can tell me that you feel all the chakras perfectly well and visualize them exactly as described in most books with X petals and Y colors. Good for you!

For the rest of us, let’s focus on the practical experiences with energy and leave the theoretical to the scholars and academics.

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