Are you a dead fly?

If you want to become charismatic, you can’t be neutral or monotonous. You must speak and behave in a lively way to cause any sort of impact.I’m sure you’ve met those persons (or maybe you are one of them) who are talking normally with you, but you see they are not quite into this conversation. It’s like they are dead inside. A dead fly.

You almost want to shake them up to wake them!

This is becoming increasingly more common.

Of course these are extreme cases. Usually, what happens with people with little charisma is a neutrality of projection.

It’s like you project a sort of blank and weak energy that doesn’t generate an impact on others.

If you continue with the same monotonous tone of voice, the same blank gaze, the same dead mind, then as you can imagine, no magnetism can be generated inside of you.

A charismatic person is never “dead” in their mind, behaviors, gaze, voice, touch.

A charismatic person has variety and aliveness.

It all starts in the mind, of course.

If you have a lazy mind that is dead while talking with others, it’s very hard to develop magnetism.

While talking with others – especially when trying any sort of influence – your mind should be bright and alive!

Moving like a whole orchestra is playing inside!

Many individuals want to become charismatic, yet, they avoid having any kind of aliveness in them.

After the mind has become alive, it’s then much easier to turn into the sources of projection like the voice, gaze and touch.

All of them need the same variety of the voice.

For example, the gaze can’t have the same kind of stare all throughout a conversation. It must be changing and adapting to the interaction.

The same with voice. Having a monotonous voice while in an interaction is a recipe for a completely neutral interaction. For sure, it’s not what you want in most conversations.

Don’t get me wrong. You don’t need to be an extroverted or talk loudly or overly emotional.

No, but you must interact with a full focused mind and body, generating an aliveness on every interaction.

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