Are you finding scapegoats?

Often, we find ways to feel what we truly want to be feeling. If we want to be angry, we’ll find a scapegoat to be angry with. If we want to be sad, we’ll soon find an event that makes us feel sad.

And it’s all “legitimate”. After all, that person really did something that made you angry. Any rational person can see that.

The problem is when this is repeated. We consistently need to be angry, sad, jealous, etc. Hence, a lot of different scapegoats.

This is a way to avoid the anger towards someone else you can’t be angry about. Maybe it’s even towards yourself.

It’s much easier to be angry with someone else than with yourself or someone very close to you.

How is this related to magnetism and charisma?

It’s simple. You can’t have an authentic relationship with someone else if you keep pushing your baggage onto them. And this “baggage” will continuously be manifested in the external world.

In other words, you’ll keep finding scapegoats whenever you need to be angry, sad, jealous, disappointed, despaired, and so on.

Instead of handling this inside yourself, you project it to the outside – which naturally affects your magnetism.

The energy that surrounds you is affected by all these negative emotions.

Don’t get me wrong. Feeling all those emotions is completely normal – we are all humans. What you want to know is if you repeatedly feel them and project them to the outside. Are you consistently finding scapegoats for them?

That’s the question to ask and to look inside yourself for the answer.

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