Are you imagining energy movements?

It’s very common for students having a misconception about energy.

Often they think they are moving energy or doing any kind of energy work when they are really imagining.

As in, imagining a white light coming down from the heavens, or imagining they are expanding the energy as a bubble.

First, you need to understand what exactly is this imagination.

Are you considering imagination = visualization? So, when you say I’m imagining a white light are you visualizing something?

This tends to be the most common scenario.

Or are you considering imagination = daydreaming? So you are in a sort of vague, dreaming type of state?

Something you are doing as if you’re almost asleep, on a type of hypnagogic state.

As useful as both of these things are (both visualization and vague mental explorations), neither of them are right for doing energy work.

Energy work is very concrete and down to earth.

You are very connected to your body and you are generating the feelings within.

Visualization CAN be helpful – and we also work with visualization in different trainings – YET… in the beginning of your energy training, as we do in Vitality and Energy Training, it’s more of a hindrance than an aid.

A hindrance because students will get so caught up on the visualization that they forget the most important aspect of it which is down to earth, connected to the body, feeling aspect.

Without it, nothing else will work. It doesn’t matter how many white lights you are seeing from above, it won’t do much if you are not feeling anything, or are feeling a sort of vague thing.

Energy work is not vague and often not that subtle. It may be subtle in the beginning when you’re not really aware of it, but then it hits you like a ton of bricks.

This is what I consider one of my most important things I can share with you.

The less you think about something “imagined” or “visualized” and the more you focus on what you’re actually feeling, the more effective these type of energy exercises will be for you.

When you “imagine” something, it tends to be something inside your mind, when you focus on the feelings, it tends to be something that is already on the body.

That’s the true key!

Energy work is not inside your mind, it’s mostly on the body!

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