Are you looking for fireworks?

Many students who start with energy work are looking for what shines. They are looking for fireworks.
Lightning rays coming out of their hands and red lasers out of their eyes.
As if it was a high-budget science fiction movie.
But energy work is a lot more subtle. So subtle that in the beginning you don’t even know if you are really feeling anything.
Yes, that’s a common experience.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked Fabricio: “but is that really energy? Am I feeling something?”
Yes, that’s energy. Yes, I was feeling it.
I receive the exact same questions from students and the answer is inevitably the same.
You are looking to dive deep into the subtle work of what you are feeling inside.
To understand energy you don’t seek a lot of high profile, high amount of feelings. That’s not it.
Energy work is not about looking at the fireworks in the sky, it’s about looking into a microscope.
You are giving attention and awareness into the subtle world of your body. You are feeling what everyone else misses.
If energy work was about fireworks, then everyone else would be doing it. It would be easy to spot, easy to do. But that’s not the case.
Everyone can see the fireworks. But it takes dedication and study to look into a microscope.
Of course that some more intense feelings can and do happen, but that’s not the norm. The bulk of your training is spent on subtle feelings.
You focus on the subtle feelings. You focus on the silence and what doesn’t stand out.
You do it so often that these subtle feelings gain importance in your awareness and in your mind and later on, stand out like a ton of bricks.
They end up being not so subtle after all.
But that’s not the end of the “subtle work”. The subtle work pretty much never ends. It’s not like after a while everything about your energy will simply be felt clearly.
No, a CERTAIN PART of your energy will be felt like that. If you train sexual energy, a good amount of sexual energy will be felt very clearly, but that doesn’t mean that everything else will also be this way.
You have to keep attentive to the silence and to the subtleties for the whole length of your energy work to catch more of it. To bring more into your awareness.
Only this way can you really get it!
That’s what we train in the Vitality and Energy Training!

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