On the last email I’ve written about several aspects that can happen to new energy students.

Now it’s important that I emphasize the last point: lost in imagination.

I’ve written how easy it is for students to have many “crazy trips”. Powerful internal experiences that your mind keeps adding new layers to.

For example: let’s say you feel some sort of intense energy movement. The mind can give the meaning to this as an angel that came down from the heavens and zapped you from some reason. Maybe a divine blessing.

It’s REALLY easy to go down on a slippery slope from here.

You can start to think that you are now connected to a whole horde of angels or that a horde of supernatural beings are helping you and all this type of thinking.

I’m not even going into the actual reality of this, but you need to consider that none of this is something that it’s connected to the external world.

No one will be able to see these angels or demons or beings… other than you.

If you go down this path, you run a serious risk of disconnecting from everything and everyone you know.

That’s a choice for sure… but that’s not what we want to develop, and that’s not our goal here.

In Charisma School, we want to develop personal and sexual magnetism, and so we develop the energy and mental training always grounded to the external world.

What we do must aid your normal everyday life in modern society, otherwise, it doesn’t fit in our trainings.

The goal is NOT to connect you with some external beings or realities that no one can actually see outside of your own mind.

We are not connecting you with supernatural beings or any of that.

The first goal is to connect you to what you are feeling: your energy, body and mind.

If it’s a negative feeling (or a block) we want to get rid of it – since it hinders your daily life.

If it’s a positive feeling, we want to increase it or maintain it – since it helps your daily life.

Then you need to test many of these in your external reality. Particularly everything that is connected to your own magnetism.

Everything is grounded in reality with concrete tests to make sure what you’re doing is working.

For example, with the Magnetic Gaze there are the classical gaze experiments where you do certain trials and experiments with people to make sure your gaze is actually influencing the real world.

If you fail in these experiments, then you know something isn’t right. In other words, if your internal energetic training is not influencing the external world, then something must change.

It’s very important that you constantly have these reality checks to make sure you are always connected to the external world, and not lost somewhere inside your mind.