Are you making your body sensitive to harmful substances?

Here’s an interesting question from a Vitality and Energy Training student:

“Most significant one for me really is alcohol. I am used to go from time to time with friends to have couple of beers. I am in no way addicted to alcohol, but when in a bar with friends I can drink few beers.

But lately my threshold for alcohol tolerance lowered and my sickness for it raised. Sometimes I feel like I have strong poison inside my body.

That is why I am thinking about complete abstinence. I start to realize that health and overall feeling is more valuable than compromises.

Is it also your experience that this kind of awareness makes body more sensitive to harmful substances?”

That’s an interesting – and common – effect when you start to train with these methods.

Not because your body suddenly shifts and becomes more sensitive to harmful substances, but because you can now feel them.

The effects you have in your body continue to be the same, but your awareness of them is not.

It’s like you had a blissful ignorance before, and now your eyes are open.

With the Vitality and Energy Training you dive quite deep inside yourself and your own energy. You become aware of things you never even knew existed.

And once you open your eyes to them, you can’t ignore them anymore.

Energy has a subtle flow inside your body. If no one taught you to feel it (or you haven’t explored this on your own), most likely you won’t naturally feel it.

Physical illnesses affect this natural flow and the quality of your energy.

The thing is… physical illnesses always manifest first in your energy, and only then in your physical body, so if you are aware of what’s happening in your energy, you’ll “catch” a lot of issues before they manifest.

Btw that doesn’t mean that you’ll always be able to identify everything, or even that you’ll be able to stop everything from happening.

But you’ll sure identify and “catch” a lot more possible problems.

Like for example with this alcohol consumption. Your energy is telling you that this is not a healthy substance for you.

In fact, with the increase of your awareness, it can get a lot more specific than that.

You can identify where this issue is being generated (maybe in your liver, or on your brain, or your heart) and how exactly it is happening.

Now this raises an important decision for you:

Do you prefer to keep doing something harmful for you if you can’t feel it for the time being (even if it has a possible consequence later in life), or do you prefer to know beforehand what’s happening?

Personally, you already know what I chose.

But it’s not as clear cut as it seems, as many individuals prefer the blissful ignorance to the harsh reality of the consequences of their actions.

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