Are you monotonous?

In the Personal Magnetism training course, one of the main topics we discuss is how monotony is one of the biggest causes of poor magnetism in people.When I say monotony, I’m not talking only about doing always the same things (although it can also be a

But it’s related to the constance and no variations in several aspects of your behavior.

It can be that your voice has no variation and you speak always in same tone, volume and tempo.

It can also be in your facial expressions. Few expressions with few muscles moving.

It can also be in your movement. Few changes or awkward movements.

But the main culprit, is often inside your own mind. If there’s no excitement inside of your mind, you also won’t have it on the outside.

And magnetism is easily created of this enthusiasm and excitement. That’s why passionate people are often very magnetic.

By all means is not the only factor, but it’s for sure a main one.

That’s why it’s imperative to create variations and waves. Not allowing yourself to be a still lake with no movement, but having ripples in what you do.

Keep in mind that the ability to keep still or to keep the mind still is a different topic. Having the Will to keep still is important for your own inner power, as well as silencing your mind, but so is to create movement, ripples and excitement when it’s needed.

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