Are you superhuman charismatic?

It’s common for students to project themselves into an imaginary charismatic future self that is light years ahead of their present self.

Somehow, your present self will miraculously transform itself into a superhuman charismatic self from one day to the next.

Dreaming about it brings no problem, it’s good to have your goals in mind. The problem begins when you want to skip all the intermediary steps and jump right to it.

Reaching that end goal can be shorter or longer, depending at where you start. But if you start at the bottom, there are many flight of stairs to climb before you reach the top.

In other words, take baby steps in your evolution and goals. If you have extreme social anxiety and can’t get out of your house, maybe the first step before being that charismatic superhuman is to be able to out of your house without anxiety.

If you’re always shy in social situations, probably the first step before being a magnetic dynamo, is to be able to have normal interactions with people.

If you never jogged before, you won’t start by running a marathon. The first step is running your first 5 miles.

I’m sure you can now understand what I’m getting at.

No technique or method will magically make you leap all those intermediary steps. They can be boring, but they are part of your process of becoming magnetic.

It’s not very exciting to be working toward achieving a normality level instead of an exceptional one. But even Mozart started with learning the scales.

This is merely an issue of goal setting and having the right expectations. Don’t set your goal for this month to be an expert seducer, if you can’t even talk with a woman. Set the goal to have a normal and pleasant conversation first. Then escalate your goals from there.

Know where you peak is (your dream goal), but also understand the intermediary goals that you must accomplish before getting there

Keep it simple, small and gradual. This is a necessary climbing to reach the peak!

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