Become a master of your attention

William Walker Atkison wrote:

“The great art of memory is attention…. Inattentive people have always bad memories.”

Your attention is on the center of many mental and energetic processes.

It’s one of your most valuable resources and the skill you can train with the biggest “bang for your buck”.

It gives you a great reward considering what you put in.

If you think about it, attention directs what you do 24h a day. It’s there whether you are working or at the gym or with your friends.

The ability to direct your attention commands what you achieve in life.

If you are constantly getting sidetracked either by thoughts or by external distractions like social media or email, it becomes quite hard to accomplish what you set out to accomplish.

When you are not a master of your attention, then you become lost in useless thoughts or a virtual world.

There are many individuals who can’t spend a couple of hours without checking their social media accounts.

It’s true that these platforms are built to keep us hooked, but only if you aren’t aware of the quality and the object of your attention.

When you know exactly where your attention is flowing and you are in control, then no platform or company can hook you into their products. Regardless of how good they are.

And my prediction is that these platforms and virtual worlds will tend to be better and better in grabbing your attention and keeping you hooked on them.

There can be a true danger in the future of losing yourself into them.

The problem is that none of these platforms makes you a better or more evolved person. They don’t improve your basic humanity or develop any aspect of yourself.

Sure they can help you stay in touch with your friends, but let’s face it, 90% of the persons in your social media account are not your real friends.

Use social media, email and all the other technological platforms, but don’t BE USED by them.

It’s important you take hold of your attention before it’s too late. That’s what we train with the course Concentration and Mind Control, to make sure you master your attention and are able to control where it goes during your day.

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