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A common issue in Charisma School is to be overwhelmed by exercises. And yes, you can take up too much exercises at once.

There are indeed many interesting skills to develop: from having a magnetic gaze that can attract anyone anytime, to developing personal magnetism and the turnaround effect, as well as a strong inner power that allows you to be fully rooted in yourself and a sexual magnetism so you can easily create sexual attraction in others of the opposite sex.

So yes, there are many useful and powerful skills you can have. And each of them have their own set of exercises and training methodology.

That’s why they are conveniently divided by courses. Each of them training a different set of skills.

But you can pickup one skill at a time making it incremental as you go along. Meaning, if you already developed a Magnetic Gaze with the Foundations, Level 2 and Level 3, picking up Personal Magnetism or Sexual Magnetism will become much easier.


Because you start to develop a powerful sensitivity to all these energies that run inside of your body and you start to develop complementary skills.

For example: after you have developed the Tension Energy with the Magnetic Gaze Foundations and Level 2, you only need to turn the awareness you gained to a different type of energy like the sexual energy. The hard part was already done before hand.

It comes a time where the exercises now become complementary to one another, and the Inner Power you developed with the 10 Steps, now makes it much easier to achieve the Classical Gaze Experiments of the Magnetic Gaze and vice-versa.

This is the same rationale as the rich gets richer. The same way that if you have a lot of money to invest, you can also receive much more money in return… the more of these kind of energies and skills you develop, the more magnetism you’ll be able to develop and much more easily than before.

The energies pile in, one on top of the other. You become like a computer programmer who already know many computer languages, so he can learn a new one in a couple of days.

But instead of computer programming languages, you can learn charisma, energy and magnetism skills.

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