Becoming a magnetic explorer

Magnetic training isn’t a straightforward path. It’s not just a matter of following exercises X and Y, and suddenly becoming magnetic.

I wish it were that simple, but it’s not.

That would reduce it to a mechanical process, but humans are far from being simple robots. We’re filled with subtleties and nuances that make creating a direct path to magnetism impossible.

However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t universal magnetic principles; there are. But, the way to apply them can vary as much as the individuals themselves.

That’s why we can’t outline a step-by-step approach to magnetic training. I can only teach you the principles and provide you with the tools to explore them. How you apply them will be unique to you.

Over the years and through many students, I’ve observed that almost all successful students found ways to integrate these principles into their own uniqueness. The common thread among them is always curiosity — curiosity about themselves and these principles.

So, it’s crucial to become a magnetic explorer. Be interested not only in studying the magnetic principles but also in how they apply to you.

This goes beyond simply doing a set exercise every day for 20 minutes. If you approach it this way, improvement will be challenging.

It’s not about the time spent doing exercises or even the specific exercises; it’s about being curious about what happens as you explore your energy, being curious about yourself.

The more you delve into how you respond to these exercises and what happens, not just during but also before and after, the more you’ll improve your magnetism. Because then you’ll understand how these universal magnetic principles are at work (or not) within you.

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