Becoming a super you

You may think that developing magnetism is a way to become some “super you,” that you can dispose of all the bad parts of yourself and become someone different.

But fortunately or unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Magnetism and energy work are not a way to escape who you are. Quite the opposite.

To develop magnetism, you have no choice but to face who and what you are.

So, you still need to face all the monsters you have inside.

I wish I could tell you that magnetism techniques and exercises are some magic button that you can press and, voila, some magic happens and rids you of all the negative stuff inside you.

No. Magnetic training is hard work and won’t transform you into a god-like version of yourself. Instead, you become integrated, and whole.

In other words, during the training, you need to look straight at the bad, negative stuff you have inside. Those aspects of you that you would prefer not to have. And then, make your peace with them, integrate them.

In energetic terms, you turn those contracting blocks you feel inside into expanding ones. Instead of feeling restricted and constricted, you feel expansive.

But for that to happen, you need to explore them and get to know them at a deep level. And that is hard work and often painful.

Just think about all those aspects of yourself that you reject… they are right there inside your mind, body, and energy. Because you are rejecting them, they act out and find other outlets. You push them down, and they pop back up.

So, in this work, it’s time to stop pushing them down. Let them come up. It’s the only way to full integration and expansion of your magnetism.

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