Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“While undergoing training of being a sexual man, do you gradually become sexually magnetic or do you suddenly become magnetic sexually?”

It’s actually both.

Although it seems paradoxical, it’s not.

As you are training to become sexually magnetic – considering you weren’t born with it – you are following a gradual process.

You are doing your exercises, applying the techniques, decreasing your energy leaks, doing your own experiments in the real world.

With this training, little by little, your sexual magnetism increases.

You start to have small successes, yet, you don’t yet feel sexually magnetic. After all, the successes are still small.

Since this happens very slowly over the course of time, you just feel almost the same. Yet, the external world starts to shift.

You get sexual attraction. Your results increase and start to be bigger. Sexual attraction now becomes a part of your life.

And at some moment, a realization dawns upon you that you already are sexually magnetic. It may be due to some event, or due to a combination of events or even by you looking back at how you were and how you are now.

As with any gradual process, it’s easy to lose track of your past self.

When this realization hits you, then your sexual magnetism really sinks in and you start to build on it. Your psychology and mindset can now truly adjust to your new reality. And a whole new range of possibilities open up for you.

So in that sense, it’s a sudden change, that is built on a gradual process.

In practice, there may even be several “mini-realizations” of your sexual magnetism over the course of your training. Your first success, a run of successes, a particularly difficult attraction and so on.

But there will usually be one “big realization” that you’re now a different person. A sexually magnetic man.

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