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Here’s a question from a reader of this newsletter:”Can you send somebody’s picture before and after doing your course”

The Charisma School courses are not like a nutrition or fitness courses where they collect before and after pictures.

Except if your goal is to lose (or gain!) weight, change your clothing style, or hair style, there’s
not much you gain from taking before and after pictures.

Maybe if you are using Inner Power and Will for these goals, it would be worthwhile to document it.

Other than this…

You won’t notice much from a simple picture. Except if you change the intention of when you take the photo.

Anyone can take a photo where they seem filled with inner power and a powerful gaze (even if they hadn’t
done the training!), the hard part is keeping up with it on your daily life!

Even with the Magnetic Gaze, yes, the eyes are different and more powerful, and this is especially noticeable with those who already know you, since for the others, they just assume you always had powerful eyes.

But the gaze difference is mostly on your interactions where the power and energy can really shine through you.

To get a picture to capture this, the ideal scenario is by surprise in the middle of an interaction where your energy is being summed for influencing.

Then the eyes can really shine.

But it’s not an easy photo to take.

Develop your own powerful gaze with the Magnetic Gaze Foundations course:

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