Being Sexually Magnetic

There’s a difference between mastering your sexual energy and being sexually magnetic.

Mastering sexual energy is controlling it and allowing it to flow healthily inside of you.

While being sexually magnetic is projecting this energy onto everyone around you. You can have a healthy flow of sexual energy and not be magnetic because you haven’t trained to be magnetic.

Being sexually magnetic implies not only that you have this healthy flow inside but also a healthy flow to the outside.

In other words, you can project it naturally and unconsciously as someone who wears a fragrance.

It’s a different skill since you need to understand your projection sources and, most importantly, your leaks.

It’s common to have a great flow of sexual energy inside yet completely blocked when trying to project to the outside. Like having a wall or a barrier that blocks everything you try to project.

This is a different part of the brain, a different part of the energy system.

Training sexual projection is not the same as training the healthy internal flow of sexual energy.

Although, in principle, they are related, in practice, the training is entirely different. This aspect of sexual projection is what we cover in Become a Sexual Man.

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