You become what you believe in

Beliefs are a cornerstone of magnetism and charisma. You will never find a charismatic person who think he or she is weak and worthless.

They all have high self-esteem. Not unfounded or narcissistic high. No, just knowing they have power and knowing they can achieve things.


Because they’ve done it before. They’ve confronted their fears and they’ve overcame the odds to succeed in something.

They are not afraid to try and fail.

They know that even if they fail, their power will still be there.

This is always related to the same principle. The thoughts you think, influence the way you feel.

If you think you have no power and that you are weak, this thought will not develop any power inside of yourself.

If, on the other hand, you think you are powerful and can achieve the things you set out to achieve, you are going to develop power.

A negative state is a weakness.

A positive state is a strength.

The more power you think you possess, the more actual power you will unfold and it will be the kind that will bring you real profit and achievements in your life.

Make up your mind to believe in yourself. Let your whole manner denote action, confidence, courage and the ability to do things.

We all have great power within us.

We hear people talking of their fate and destiny and how they aren’t lucky in life. This is the speech of someone who is controlled by their minds. The strong ones control their mind instead of being controlled by it. Your mind will only have power over you, if you allow it.

We created a whole course to develop this Inner Power:

10 Steps to Inner Power and Self-Confidence:

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