The Best Way to Start Your Day

There are some simple and easy “tips” of concentration that you can use in your daily life that make a world of difference in your outcome.
Last week I presented you with a simple tip, this week, I present you with another.If you always start your day doing something deep and fully focused, it sets the stage to continue in this focused state of mind during the rest of your day.

It doesn’t matter if this deep and focused activity is meditation, your magnetism exercises, reading a book or working on some project. Whatever it is, make sure it’s fully focused with no other thought crossing your mind aside from what you are doing.

By starting your day this way, you are telling your mind to be focused. You are creating this habit in your mind and giving a head-start for the mental state you want to be in.

For your next task of the day, you’ll already be in “concentration mode” and it will be easier to remain concentrated for all the other tasks.

It’s the same principle of having a healthy breakfast versus having a fat or sugary breakfast. Once you start your day eating healthy, you’ll want to keep eating healthy. While if you start your day eating junk food, it’s much easier to eat more junk food throughout the day.

The more periods of deep concentration you have during your day, the more your mind will create the habit of being concentrated.

And starting your day with a fully focused activity that forces your mind to be disciplined as soon as you open your eyes, it’s a big head-start for more periods of concentration!

Remember that these periods of concentration are not necessarily the ones where everything is turned off and you are quiet. The most important part is what is happening in your mind.

Your mind must be fully disciplined and your thoughts only on what you’re doing. When they deviate, you can use last week’s technique, write them down – save them for later – and continue with your task.

The most important part is always what is happening in your mind.

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