Biggest manifestation mistake

One of the biggest mistakes people do in manifestation with books like “The Secret” or any other mass seller is to think you can manifest something simply by doing a 30 minute visualization.

That’s a serious mistake that will leave you stranded.

Manifestaion is not about visualization or even about any specific exercise.

There’s no magic in visualization per se.

It’s about transforming yourself into what you want to manifest.

You attract what you already are.

Your current mental state and energy quality determines what you attract regardless of the amount of “visualizations” you do.

It’s not about the exercises in themselves, it’s about the energy change.

If the visualization is affecting your energy, then great! You’re in a good path.

If it’s NOT affecting and changing your energy into what you want to achieve, then it won’t help much.

The change must always be on the deepest energetic level. And it must continue there during your whole day, everyday, 24/7.

Remember that your energy has no concept of time.

It doesn’t know what is the past or future. It only knows the present.

Whatever you are, is whatever you will attract.

There’s an “energetic code” for poverty and one for wealth. One for happiness and one for sadness. As well as different shades of grey in between.

Most people maintain a certain level of income their whole lives.

But then there are those who were always wealthy but didn’t knew it. Their energy was already one of wealth, yet, it only manifested years later.

This is the same for those who get quickly promoted in any job. Even if they join as the lowest class workers of that company, their energy has the stamp of a CEO or manager. They eventually just get promoted.

While others never leave their lower class work.

I’ve seen several of these situations. They were already CEOs and reality just wanted to catch up with them. For that, it just needed an opportunity.

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