The biggest plague we are facing

During the course of human history, there have been several ways our minds have been cut off from universal energy and its currents.

Wars, plagues, terrible life conditions, and so forth — imagine trying to focus on developing your energy and relationship with the universe while running for your life.

Now, in the moment we’re living in, the most pressing problem in our modern Western society is… distraction.

Everything distracts us, clamoring for our attention. From the constant notifications on our cell phones to apps optimized to steal every ounce of attention, to the myriad activities begging for our time throughout the day.

This is unique to our time. A century ago, at most, you would have had a radio and a newspaper competing for your attention. Surely, there were other problems — perhaps a 100-hour workweek or dire living conditions in certain areas — that were much worse.

Now that most of these issues are on the path to be solved… you have your phone popping a notification every other second. Ads are everywhere you turn. Something prying for your attention every moment of the day.

So, distraction is now one of our main issues and something we need to guard ourselves against.

Not many good things come from following the whims of your phone apps. I doubt Facebook, YouTube, and similar apps have your best interest at heart when they notify you of their updates.

Sure, they may be useful tools — I use them as well — but they must be used the way YOU want, not the way they decide.

Guarding your attention is now more important than ever since your revelations won’t come from Facebook. Your most important insights will come from within… but for that, you need to listen within rather than to the outside.

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