Blindly following your desires

Charisma School is about personal empowerment. It’s about living according to your Will.

But of course, you need to understand your Will outside your conditionings.

Your Will is not about blindly following all your desires and wishes. That is simply being on the low end of the evolutionary ladder since it’s exactly what animals do. They react to the impulses they feel inside.

If they want to eat, they will hunt and eat. If they want to sleep, they will sleep. If they want to have sex, they will find a mate and have sex. If someone invades their territory, they will attack. And so on.

They are simply reacting to their bodily impulses.

And many humans still live like that.

But that’s not living according to your Will. That’s living according to your bodily instincts and desires.

And yes, many of them are quite strong since we are animals as well, and we have this animal body. Those very same instincts are present in us.

Of course, we shouldn’t repress them. If you deny this animal nature, it will simply come back stronger. Or find other outlets for this energy, probably not very convenient for you.

So, if giving in to your instincts and desires is the same as what an animal does, repressing them will only give bad results. What can we do then?

Do what a true human would do… first get to know them.

The first step is always about being aware of them in their full range of motion. What exactly happens when a desire pops up? What do you feel in your body? How does your mind react? How is your energy moving inside? What happens when you don’t fulfill it straight away?

Rather than simply reacting immediately, notice all of this. Not for 1 minute, but longer. Get to know your impulses, desires, and instincts intimately.

Of course, the more developed your awareness is, the more you’ll take out of this.

We’ll continue with the second step in the next email.

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