To Blink or not to Blink

A common question for those doing the Magnetic Gaze free course – or the Foundations – is how to keep your unblinking gaze for a longer time. Some students can only achieve 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute – instead of the recommended 3 to 5 minutes.

First of all, you need to understand that blinking (or not blinking) is dependent on many factors. Some of them outside of your control.

For example, regardless of how much I trained, I could never quite spend much time in the fixed gaze as soon as I wake up. A couple of hours later, it stops being a problem.

I found some workarounds (such as using artificial tears used for contact lenses), but since I could always do the exercises later in the day, there was no need for these workarounds.

This is mostly my problem, since most of others don’t necessarily have this issue.

So the time of the day can be a factor. It’s also harder to maintain a fixed unblinking gaze in the presence of a strong air conditioner or wind.

Some of these factors can be overcome by training, other’s can’t. You shouldn’t EVER push it beyond physical pain. You should only do it until it’s comfortable for you. Once it starts hurting or burning, blink, relax your eyes and start again.

Despite of these technical details, the unblinking gaze, although important, pales in comparison to the other Magnetic Gaze aspects like the energy and Will. In other words, with a great energy and Will development, you’ll rely less and less on the physical aspect of the gaze.

I remember a student, many years ago, who had an eye condition that prevented him from doing any of the unblinking gaze exercises. Yet, he wanted the Magnetic Gaze regardless of it and was heavily motivated. I gave him alternative exercises without pushing the unblinking gaze, but instead getting a bigger emphasis on the energy, Will – especially the energy currents of the eyes. It took a bit more work but he got his Magnetic Gaze.

Don’t get so caught up into the time you spend on the unblinking gaze. It’s a part of the Magnetic Gaze, but it’s not the only part, and you can always compensate in other areas if some situation beyond your control is preventing you from achieving the fixed gaze.

For more information and the full Magnetic Gaze training, check here:
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