Break the patterns that bind you

Most – although not everything – of what happens in your life is a manifestation. It may not be a conscious one but it’s surely a manifestation.

You are projecting a certain kind of energy to the outside world, and you are drawing to you certain people and events.

That’s the basic guideline of manifestation.

Of course there are random events where you are at the wrong place at the wrong time. But these events are far in between all the others that you brought it over to your life.

Most of them will be manifested by you. Particularly those who just keep happening and repeated. Different person, same event. Like:

“I always get abusive bosses!”

“All my girlfriends cheat on me!”

In short, if you keep saying:

“Why does this keep happening with me?”

Then you know this is something you are bringing to your life.

Of course, both negative AND positive events are part of this rule. The universe – or whatever you want to call it – doesn’t care if it’s a positive or a negative event. It gives you what you project.

One random event, may not be something consciously manifested. Although repeated events are brought on by your own energy.

Just like you haven’t manifested the pandemic. It’s happening to everyone and some people more affected than others. It’s one of those random events of life – bad luck for some people who happen to be involved in a business heavily affected by the pandemic. They didn’t manifest it – it was a random life event.

Just like you have not manifested the car accident that happened to you or someone else close to you. Negative events happen in life – it’s part of it and we have to deal with them.

But when the same type of events keep happening to you (and not to other people that live in the same conditions as you), then it’s something you should investigate and understand why.

The true art form is in becoming aware of your energy and knowing full well what you are bringing to your life.

This is learning about your energy, what you feel inside and what you project to the outside.

This way you’ll be able to break the patterns that bind you.

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