But That’s Not Me

It’s important to understand that when you undergo a sexual energy training – or for personal magnetism for that matter – you don’t remain the same.

Don’t think that you’ll do a sexual energy training and remain the same. Only if you – consciously or unconsciously – don’t want to change.

The comfortable old self that you are used to, needs to change and transform.

You can’t expect that interactions with others in your life will be the same, because they won’t.

Only if you want to stick with your old feelings and your old un-magnetic way.

The trainings give you access to a different energy and internal state. It’s up to you to use it or lose it.

You can’t do the training and expect that you’ll “feel” the same as before.

That’s the hardest thing to fully understand. Because, when you do start to change and realize what is actually needed, then the excuses will come: “but that’s not me”, “I’m not like that” and so on.

And you would completely be right.

If it was you, then it would be un-magnetic. The “new you” has a magnetic feeling, hence your new feeling would be completely different than what you are used to.

A new you.

But this change comes from you. You need to embrace a new and different feeling. If you want to hold on to your old feeling and resist the new ones, then not much can be done.

I know it sounds obvious now. I now you’ll read this and think: “I want to change”, “I’ll do whatever it takes”.

But it won’t be so easy.

Most likely you will only realize this some time after you start your training. When you start your experiments in the outside world and realize – in practice – that you can’t remain the same and be magnetic.

When those new magnetic feelings come up and you start to feel uncomfortable in the way you relate to people – because it’s a brand new way -, then you’ll know.

This is where you begin to – consciously or unconsciously – block yourself from feeling the new magnetic feelings just to retain the old homeostasis. The old comfortable feelings that you know you can manage well… even if they aren’t the most efficient for you.

Let’s face it, you know how to manage your shyness and being sexually neutral. In practice, you don’t know how to manage the situations that arise from being sexually magnetic (even if you know it in theory).

And that’s uncomfortable. That’s an uncomfortable feeling that arises when new feelings and new situations begin to occur which not everyone likes to experience.

When you start to feel this, then you would know that instead of blocking it, you need to embrace it.

After a while, this will be your new reality. Your new homeostasis. Only now you have a magnetic reality.

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