Can you apply Sexual Energy in tinder?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:
“Can Sexual energy be applied to online dating such as tinder? Is there anyway to get the sexual energy across in your photo?
I realise this will be difficult, but is it possible?”
That’s a great question!Sexual energy in photos depend much less of your own energy work, and much more of a good photographer who can feel the energy or can pull it out of you.

The only thing that is inside your own control is cultivating your own sexual energy and make sure you are projecting it when taking the photo, the rest (about 85%) is on the photographer who must also feel it and imprint it into his work.

You can have a a high degree of sexual magnetism or personal magnetism and don’t display anything in your photo.

The opposite is also true.

That’s why people with zero sexual energy can be transformed into sexual energy magnets in photos.

Famous and good photographers (like those of popular magazines) do this “energy pulling” often in a semi-unconscious way.

They, of course, have specific training to make someone look sexual. But the GREAT photographers, can tap into this sexual energy source and imprint it into the photo.

These kind of photographers or artists who are able to do this unconsciously, have a much easier time when developing sexual energy.

They are already connected to it in an unconscious way, now it’s only necessary to make the conscious link.

Many people are like this and can develop sexual energy and magnetism faster than the rest of us.

I didn’t had such luck.

I had to work from the ZERO (or even minus one!) sexual energy, to a good enough level.

And that’s ok, I had other advantages in this process that others also didn’t had.

In the same way, you may – or may not – have advantages in the sexual energy training… but maybe you have those advantages in the inner power training, or the projection, or in any other part of charisma development.

It’s all part of own personal path.

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