Can charisma be artificially constructed?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Can charisma be artificially constructed? Like what tv producers do with their stars”

That’s a great question!

Yes, charisma can be artificially constructed. It’s easy to figure out how that would work.

Let’s say that you have absolutely ZERO charisma.

But you are a good actor and are hired for a famous movie or series. Your role is good and somehow, the fans like you and you create quite a stir by your appearance.

The producers will want to keep the ball rolling and take advantage of all this talk about you, so they will make sure to turn you into a famous actor by giving you more roles, improving your social media presence, advertising, and so on.

All this makes you famous, with a lot of people constantly being around you, pampering you, asking for autographs, wanting to have sex with you, and so on.

It’s perfectly natural that very quickly you improve your charisma in a significant way.

Simply because the external world gave you that energy.

Even if you weren’t charismatic before, you are bound to become it if you have crowds of people constantly chanting your name.

They are giving the energy you need to become charismatic as well as changing your necessary internal structures to accommodate for this different energy.

But… there are at least two downsides to it.

The first downside is that the same way this charisma suddenly appears, it will also disappear once fame goes away (and it will).

You wouldn’t have learned how to transform yourself or your inner power, so most likely, the sudden vanishing of the fame will hit you hard.

As it did with many once-famous actors.

Then you have the obvious downside that this won’t work for most of us simply because we don’t have that much control over our external world.

It’s not like you can wake up tomorrow and have legions of fans outside your door.

There’s a certain luck involved in this process.

You can’t control external reality like that, but you can have the opposite process. You can control your internal reality to affect the external.

That’s the only thing that is completely under your control.

So instead of waiting for the external reality to change you, you change the external reality by your own internal reality.

That’s the whole process that we focus in Charisma School: to change our internal reality so that you attract what you want externally – which may or may not be to become a famous actor!

Our course Magnetic Manifestation is the one that explains this process in detail.

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