Can you be shy and still have Sexual Energy?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“Can you be shy and still have sexual energy?”

Yes, you can.

Shyness and introversion have nothing to do with sexual energy.

Your psychological characteristics have a small impact on sexual energy per se.

Once you have sexual energy, you can be shy, introverted, or extroverted and talkative and everything will be the same. The sexual attraction from others will be there the same way.

There’s plenty of sexual magnetic individuals who are introverted.

I can give you an example from my own experience:

When I was training sexual energy and already had developed a nice glow for myself, I went out with a friend who is one of these funny extroverted guys.

We ended up meeting a group of women and talked with them for a while. When I say “talked”, it was mostly him entertaining the whole group and me staying quiet.

If I said five sentences during the whole interaction it was already too much. I was silent, yet, energetically active with strong projections.

Result: I got the number of the hottest girl there, and my friend went home empty handed.

It’s not about how much you talk, it’s about what you project.

That’s the true baseline.

That’s why many guys can get approached by women without them saying anything or making any effort. They are just projecting sexual energy overall and don’t need to do much else.

Needless to say, if all I did was stay quiet in a corner with ZERO projection or if I was repressing the sexual energy, the result would have been very different.

But you can be shy and still project sexual energy – as long as you’re not repressing it.

As you can imagine, I’m writing about the normal shyness or introversion and not extreme or pathological forms. If you can’t even look or talk with someone else without a large raise in your anxiety levels, then you’ll need a different type of work.

Where you’ll need strong psychological traits is in the changing process.

As you work in changing your own energy, yes, you need a strong mind power so that you won’t quit after two weeks and can handle the whole process.

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