Can you influence the energy of a physical space?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Can a physical space (like a room) have energy?”

For sure yes!

In fact that’s the basis of disciplines like Feng Shui and its indian counterpart Vastu Shastra.

When you enter a room or a house, you can feel its energy and it has an effect in you, your mood and your own energy.

Our energy body is always interacting with the outside world, whether with others or with spaces, but it’s always influencing and being influenced.

It’s not a stagnant energy inside of us. It’s dynamic and interactive.

And spaces certainly have an effect as well.

Certain spaces can intimidate you, while others are very comfortable. Other space make you feel negative in some way while others make you feel happy.

And it’s not related to the persons that are in the space on that particular moment, although that obviously has an effect.

It can be due to the particular configuration of the space (furniture, decoration), or to the persons who have lived there, or even due to those who were in that space just before.

I’ve once entered a bar where a terrible fight was held a couple of hours before. I didn’t knew about that fight when I entered and everything looked normal, yet, there was a tension in that space which didn’t allowed me to be comfortable and I left after a short time.

Only later did I knew about what had happened.

Most examples are not that extreme. They are fairly subtle and only those with a developed energy can feel it.

For most people, they get influenced by it without really understanding why.

When you are trained in energy awareness, you immediately pinpoint if the energy of a space is negative or positive for you. Then you need to understand whether it’s due to the persons (or an individual person) on that space or due to the space itself (like the decoration).

The most interesting aspect is when you can actually change the energy of a space due to your own magnetism. When your projection is good, then this is something you can do.

Instead of merely being influenced by it, you are the influencer of the energy. Hopefully with a good energy and not a negative one!

In the training course of Personal Magnetism you learn how to feel (and influence!) the energy of a space and in the Vitality and Energy Training you focus on a much deeper energy awareness.

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