Change is not easy

Change is not easy for anyone.

Changing yourself, your life conditions, your behaviors, your relationships… none of it is easy.

It’s a feat of strength and Will since it involves breaking old patterns and start building new ones.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re doing it on any kind of self-improvement program or if it’s something you’re doing in your business or if you’re moving on from an old relationship.

Change is change: you break patterns, you create new ones.

The difficulty is in how ingrained those patterns are and how stubbornly you are holding on to them.

Maybe changing your breakfast will be easier than changing a deeply rooted pattern on how you speak and move.

Or changing your job will be easier than changing your inner voice.

But it’s still change with a certain degree of difficulty.

You can also avoid or prevent change by holding on to the past conditionings. You don’t want to let go of them – whether consciously or unconsciously.

This of course will prevent new behaviors, new patterns to take place.

We tend to cling to what is normal and what is comfortable. Our brain hates change and unstable situations. Regardless if it’s on external or internal conditions.

It’s the same thing whether it’s about changing a pattern of thought, or if it’s a pattern of external behavior.

This is something you need to keep attentive to: are you clinging to the comfortable situation? are you afraid to let go and face the new reality? Are you willing to be in a period of uncomfortable situations before it gets better?

All these are important questions to ask when you are finding change hard.

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