Changing from within

There’s an important point in all change processes that you should be aware about, which is:

You can only change from within.

You’re the one that is ultimately responsible to achieve a certain outcome. The Will to succeed in something is inside of you. Not outside.

The students who succeed in whatever training or change process are the ones who take responsibility for what they are doing.

You can have all the help in the world, yet, if the Will to do it is not there, your results will always be lacking.

You see the exact same thing in (the great) professional athletes. They have all their training laid out for them. What to do, how many reps, what to eat, how long to sleep.

Yet, you see the greatest players somehow going the extra mile.

They get to the training early and start before the others, and they only leave after everyone else has left. During the training, they are there 110%. They seek further improvement when they are home. When they go on holidays their mind is still set on not losing their training.

They have a deep Will within that pushes them to success.

All their other team mates have the exact same training. Yet, somehow, top performers pursue it further and achieve more.

Their Will is stronger.

This is one thing that is generally lacking in our society. The innermost Will that pushes people to become more.

Different forms of entertainment (like social media, movies, aimless browsing) numb you down. It makes your Will asleep.

Yet, you need your Will in its full power. Without it, it’s very hard to overcome all the difficulties that will inevitably cross your path.

Only this deep Will from within will help you.

You need the POWERFUL and CONSISTENT application of the Will if you want to succeed.

That’s one of the reasons the 10 Steps to Inner Power is our first recommended training. It lays the groundwork for all developments with a specific training for your Will.

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