Changing Your Charisma Type

It’s not a surprise to discover we all emit a certain kind of vibration or energy to the outside world. Some
people emit a very negative energy.

Most likely you’ve met those people who you can’t really create a good connection with. They just seem “off”. You don’t feel good while you are with them.

Then you have the opposite persons. Those who you feel very good while you are with them. Either because they make you feel very comfortable, or at ease and peaceful, or actually give you more energy, or raise your own sexual energy.

And while most people have no real choice in the kind of energy or charisma they are transmitting, you can
choose your own vibration or energy that you transmit to the outside world and that you have inside of yourself.

You can choose how people feel when they are with you. Whether if you want them to feel sexuality, or you want them to feel very comfortable or raise their own energy, it’s something very doable!

That’s the whole purpose of Charisma School.

It’s not about having an overall general Charisma, which is not that hard to achieve. It’s about choosing what TYPE of Charisma you want to transmit.

Most people don’t really know HOW to change this. So they go through life always emanating the same kind of
energy. Whether they were born with a “good one”, or they are pretty much screwed.

That’s the common belief and why it’s often believed that you need to be born with Charisma or you’ll never have it.

And in fact, it’s not so easy to change this energy.

But it’s very possible and doable! We make sure of it.

So… What type of Charisma do you WANT?

Start the magnetism journey with the training course 10 Steps to Inner Power:

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