Frank and Honest Question From a Reader

“Bruno, I came across this website over a year ago. I went through several of the free videos but did not stick with the program.

I tried and stopped multiple times. But something always tells me to visit this site and give it another try and stick with the program. I’m natural skeptic and I want to know if this program is a bunch of bullshit or if there is some truth to it.

While I tend to ignore most programs with a price tag, yours are free. This is very generous of you and much appreciated.

But I want to hear it from you: does this material hold any validity and integrity? I’m the type of person that must see it to believe it.

Please, write back and let me hear your thoughts. 
Thanks much.”

As you can probably guess, I’m a bit biased in answering this question 🙂

Simply put, if I didn’t knew this material worked, I wouldn’t put it online for everyone to watch/do. I don’t get any particular satisfaction in getting people to waste their time with random exercises.

But I must say there’s a problem in all Charisma School courses and material.

It’s not fast or easy.

Unlike other products, we don’t claim it to be a quick-fix or a magic pill. It actually takes work and awareness to change deeply rooted habits and behaviors. I know that not many people are willing to do it. That’s why we provide a lot of free courses and also some paid ones that are more in depth for those who want to go further.

If you can’t do the free courses, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to do (or even want to do) the paid ones. We know it’s not the smartest move marketing-wise, but it’s the one we feel good with.

Why not try a course from beginning to end with an open mind?

You might be surprised.

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