Charisma in Context

There is an undeniable force of our own energy that it’s usually called charisma.Charisma allows us to stand out, to be noticed, and to get all kinds of advantages and benefits in the world.

Someone with charisma is much more likely to win a crowd in a public speech, to win the project they
are pitching or to win the favours of the opposite sex.

And although this is a fairly permanent energy you have inside of yourself, it can be weaker or stronger depending on the context.

If you go a place which you don’t like or feel bad in, your charisma will be much less than in a place
where you feel good in.

That’s only obvious right?

This is one way the universe has of rewarding “following our bliss”, as Joseph Campbell puts it.

Very often we do things we don’t like and see no purpose in, just to please other people or to hope to win something in return.

A client once told me he hates going to clubs but only goes because his friends push him to go.

Naturally his charisma while in a club is little to none.

Sure there are ways where you can force your charisma to come out even when your mindset is weak.

But you’re always working against yourself.

It’s much better to change the relationships that are causing the mindset to be weak, than to try and force something which you don’t like.

For this client, it’s a much better solution to change the relationship he has with his friends to
a way that it’s mutually benefiting.

Then his charisma can really take off!

Now, I know what you’re thinking….

We all need to do things we don’t like!

But if that’s the norm, or something you do very often, your charisma will be greatly diminished.

You are constantly working against yourself in this situation.

Changing your life and your relationships while working WITH yourself, is a much better approach!

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