The Classical Gaze Experiments

Once you get to the last lesson of the Magnetic Gaze Foundations training you are introduced to some interesting experiments.

These are the Classical Gaze Experiments (CGE) as shared in many traditional personal magnetism books like Atkinson and Shaftesbury.

Achieving a good amount of success in these experiments is essential to navigate around the magnetic gaze waters.

They provide a closed environment exercise with a well defined outcome that allows you to be more confident in your own magnetic gaze skills. By having a specified method and outcome, you can be know when your gaze is influencing or not.

They are a bridge to the more advanced uses of the gaze and all of us had to went through them one way or another. Until you reach the experiments, you have to undergo a series of exercises that you are doing home alone, without having external feedback.

Usually there’s only some qualitative feedback on how your eyes are different and look good. You also feel your eyes increase in power.

But you can only get objective feedback on your influence when you do the CGE.

That’s why these experiments are the bridge to actually influencing with the gaze. You finally get out of your “gaze cocoon” and bring its power to the world.

Yet, they are filled with challenges and loop holes where it’s very easy to simply give up at this phase (especially if you haven’t trained your inner power) or to move on without having grasped it.

Either way, if you don’t accomplish them, you wouldn’t achieve what you are supposed to achieve which is having influencing power with your eyes. The next techniques become harder and harder until you reach a point where nothing would work.

It works like the teaching of mathematics. If you are already lost in your early algebra, you will never get advanced calculus.

I remember questioning Fabricio intensely about what I was doing in the CGE as well as writing my own reflections. I would certainly be stuck on this phase if it wasn’t for his advices, but I eventually got it and could move on.

So you’re having a hard time with it – or worse – you think they are too easy, remember that you are not alone. You can always email me at anytime in your training to overcome these challenges!

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