Concentration and TV

Question from a Magnetic Gaze student:

“The concentration email got me to thinking. How much time should we be spending watching tv?”

TV in itself is not the root of all evils and the complete loss of concentration and focus.

There’s nothing wrong in watching a movie, TV series, documentary or whatever you enjoy watching on TV.

It’s all a matter of balance.

If you spend most of your day with FULL FOCUS on your work or study (obviously without facebook or similar distractions), you are with ACTIVE concentrated mind a big portion of your day.

Then there’s nothing wrong with relaxing while watching a TV series at night with a PASSIVE mind (which pretty much
always happens when watching TV).

Let’s say if 90% of your day is spent with an ACTIVE CONCENTRATION, in whatever you are doing, an only 10% is used with a passive mind (by watching TV or browsing the web for example), you are sending the right message to your subconscious.

That you want an active, focused and concentrated mind.

But if this is reversed most of our days… then we have a problem.

When we pretend we are working, but in fact we spend a lot of time watching YouTube, TV, facebook or browsing the web with a passive mind, as you can imagine, we are sending the message to your subconscious that we DON’T truly want a concentrated and focused mind.

Naturally, only you can know how your mind behaves the rest of the day. Is it concentrated, alerted and focused in whatever work you are doing? Or is it passive, unfocused or scattered among many things?

How you decide to spend most of your day, will also decide your level of concentration and focus.

And with it, you can know exactly how long you can spend watching TV. Which of course, can never be a big part of your day, IF you want a focused mind.

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