Conditioning for Charisma and Personal Magnetism

Every once in a while someone emails me saying how they are ready to become charismatic and just need an extra push to reach that stage.And on some cases, this is actually true.

On the majority of them, it’s not.

Being charismatic, magnetic and with inner power is like training to run a marathon. It demands a solid training everyday for a period of time until your body is conditioned for it.

If you’ve been doing this training beforehand – in a conscious or unconscious way – then, yes, you only need an extra push!

But you can’t just take a few jogs a week before without doing anything else and still expect to finish the marathon within an acceptable time frame.

Being charismatic goes alongside the same principle, your body, mind and energy must be conditioned with specific trainings.

I wish most of the times it would be so easy as to give that “extra push”.

But it’s not.

It requires specific training day in day out, and a change in your own way to do things.

That’s why most people are not magnetic.

(And they don’t run marathons)

They are not ready to truly change the way they are.

So the old adage of “But this is not who I am” doesn’t truly cut it to be charismatic.

Guess what? the old “you” is not charismatic or magnetic. So if you’d like to become it, the old you, must change to the new magnetic you. So yes, it’s not “you”.

And a bout of motivation of one week is not going to cut it.

You need a much bigger and sustainable change than that.

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