Consciously decide or perish

Whatever you decide to do, really commit to it. Treat each action as if it’s your last. As if it’s the most important thing you could be doing at that moment.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re washing the dishes, tidying the backyard, playing with your children, or doing the most boring and mundane task imaginable. The key is actively choosing and embracing whatever you’re engaged in.

This makes you responsible for what you do. It’s about taking ownership instead of pointing fingers at the government, society, or your neighbor.

Even if you choose not to decide, even if you postpone, it’s still a decision. You’re still deciding whether or not to act, so make it a conscious decision.

You might wonder, “What about actions I’m compelled to take? I want to do something else, but I’m forced into X.”

That’s true, but it’s still a choice.

Even if it’s a choice between taking a certain action or dying, it’s still a choice. And within that choice lies your freedom.

Remember, you’re in control of your actions and behaviors. If you don’t feel this way, something’s wrong.

Perhaps you’re giving your power away to external forces—individuals, groups, or circumstances.

Maybe you are giving your power away to internal impulses – and then your actions stop being a choice but they become something you HAVE to do. Addiction isn’t a conscious decision; it’s something you feel compelled to do. It’s not a choice; it’s a blind impulse driving your actions.

Discovering your will is discovering your freedom. It’s not about doing whatever you want whenever you want, but consciously choosing your actions despite the numerous impulses and temptations you face.

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