Consciousness Upgrade

When we understand that the world is nothing more than energy, we can work with it in a whole new light and new amazing experiences open up to us.Especially those on the realm of personal magnetism, charisma and the magnetic gaze which are very
dependent upon energy work.But this must be a very experiential realization and not merely theoretical or logical. Without
truly interiorizing this knowledge nothing much can be done.

You can study the importance of energy until you’re blue in the face, but if you don’t do any kind of actual work, you won’t gain much from it.

Maybe some intellectual satisfaction.

But definitely not the promised benefits of personal magnetism, charisma, influence and so on.

For that, you really need to experientially understand and train your own energy.

When you start to fully feel the tension energy or the sexual energy flowing in your body, and especially when this is linked to the outside world and you feel the effects other people and
places have on your own energies, a whole new world opens up.

It’s finally clear that energy is all there is and if you can influence energy, you can influence
the world.

In other words, master energy and master the world.

I remember when I first had this realization.

I’ve been doing energy exercises for a while and not a whole much was going on. It can take a while for your consciousness recognize the energy body and I was no exception.

But once it “clicked”, somehow it all started to make sense. Influence techniques, attraction
techniques, manifestation techniques… all worked as they should.


Because it “clicked”.

The same “click” that happens in Yoga and Qi-Gong and all sorts of energy disciplines when you
truly understand what you’re doing.

This “click” is nothing more than your consciousness receiving an upgrade.

And it’s a truly fascinating update that changes everything in your life!

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