Creating your reality with Neville Goddard part 1

There’s a quote by Neville Goddard which is important to comment on. Since it’s a somewhat long and extremely insightful quote, I’ll split it between two emails to make sure I comment it with everything that is relevant to you as a Charisma School student.

The words of Neville are in quotes and italic, my comments are below in normal font.

Neville: “Chance or accident is not responsible for the things that happen to you, nor is predestined fate the author of your fortune or misfortune.”

Most of us consider the events that happen to us – good or bad – as a sort of inborn luck (or lack thereof). As if someone in the sky is putting – or removing – obstacles in our way, like a chess game.

While I personally believe in some aspects of what is called fate, I don’t believe in the micromanagement of it.

Let me clarify this: “fate” won’t care whether you have a million dollars in your bank account or zero. Whether you are poor or rich or have 10 girlfriends or none.

So what most people considers to be their fate, I don’t.

Your bank account is more related to your own spending/investing/work habits as well as subconscious and energetic conditioning rather than some bad luck that is making all your money go away.

The same with your love life. Whether you have 10 girlfriends or none, it’s not due to “fate” but due to your mastery of sexual energy, flirting, social situations and so on.

It may be do to your upbringing or natural predispositions to have more or less control over your sexual energy. But it’s nothing that it’s fixed and can’t be changed.

Due to the internet, you now know many individuals who started out with worst conditions than you, yet, improved their monetary or romantic situation. So even if “fate” could have had a hand in giving you what you were born with, it now also gave you the tools to change it, if you choose to accept them.

My understanding of “fate”, it’s much more related to your own path in life, of the things you are here to do on this earth.

That’s why certain coincidences happen. As the “coincidence” of meeting Fabricio and now being here passing on the same lessons to you. Or the “coincidence” of meeting so many other teachers that crossed paths with me in completely unexpected ways.

It’s like the universe is giving me a sign to follow a certain path. Whether you choose to follow it or not, it’s up to you.

Neville: “Your subconscious impressions determine the conditions of your world.”

Indeed this is related to what I wrote above. Rather than fate, your subconscious is putting together what you are getting out of this life.

It’s not your fate that makes you be alone, it’s your subconscious conditioning.

But we can expand this, not your subconscious determine the conditions of your world but your energy plays an equally important role.

They are two separate but fully intertwined systems.

If you understand both the language of your subconscious AND your energy, you are able to get much faster and concrete changes, not to mention a lot of other benefits of mastering your own energy system (as personal magnetism, vitality, magnetic gaze and so on)

Your best road to change your own reality is to use both – which is what we do in Magnetic Manifestation.

We will continue the Neville Goddard quote on the next post.

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