The Crucial Tension Energy

Tension energy exercises are not just a bunch of exercises that you do in the morning or night and miraculously change your whole life.

I wish it was that easy.

10 minutes a day and I get a radical transformation of my life? Sign-me up straight away!

Unfortunately, regardless of whatever technique you wish to use, it’s not possible.

You need just a tiny bit of more effort and focus to get the really great results.

Just like 20 minutes of physical exercise a day is not enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Especially if you still continue to eat junk food, not caring about sleep and smoking.

With tension energy is the same. It’s a great head-start, but it’s not enough.

Don’t think of it as simply an exercise you do, think of it more as a learning experience.

Tension energy exercises allow you to:

1) Become aware of exactly what is tension energy in an experiential way. Understand exactly how tension energy feels in your body.

2) Increase the baseline of tension energy in you. By doing these exercises on a daily basis, you increase the amount of tension energy you have in your body at any given moment.

Although there are fluctuations of your tension energy in any given day, before the training your fluctuations were probably between -3 and 0… after the training, the fluctuations are between 0 and +3.

So your baseline of tension energy at any given day increases a good level.

Then it’s up to you to pursue activities, behaviors and thoughts that further develop this tension energy to your maximum level.

In other words, you recognize the feeling and you have a head-start, now use it!

Once you truly understand the purpose of tension energy, you are able to see how it all fits together.

You can feel movements of tension energy when you use your Will.

You can understand the impact of tension energy in a situation where you are using your influence.

You undoubtedly feel its role on inner power and how they mutually reinforce each other.

And you are able to finally understand why we place such a crucial importance on it.

Understand everything about tension energy in the:
>>> Vitality and Energy Training

To Personal Power,
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