Curing your chronic illnesses

In todays world it’s quite normal to have a few aches here and there, insomnia, stomach and bowel problems, skin issues, headaches, among many others.

These type of chronic situations are now a norm rather than an exception.

We have forgotten how to listen to the signs our bodies gives us and how to handle them.

Modern day world is so fast, that we barely have time to look inside and feel our body and our energy.

We move from one place to another, from one task to another, without a minute of rest. When we do rest, it’s always with some external entertainment system, like browsing the internet, playing a video game or watching TV.

There’s never any time to actually look inside of yourself and noticing what is happening.

You don’t realize how tense your whole stomach area is, then you wonder why you have acid reflux.

You don’t realize how your whole head is tense and then wonder why you have headaches.

Many of the students who enrolled in the Vitality and Energy Training are able to clear many of their own chronic health situations just by being more in tune with their own bodies and energy.

Students are surprised to discover that once they get the flow of energy back to normal, many of their chronic health situations simply clear up.

It’s nothing magical. It’s only spending some time with your body, noticing the flow of energy and making sure it’s flowing as it should.

Sometimes a simple body relaxation can do wonders.

Modern medicine has many wonders and many ways to understand what’s going on within our bodies, but, to overall keep your well being, nothing replaces simply closing your eyes and looking inside.

This awareness was the foundation of ancient medicines like ayurveda and chinese medicine, as well as many yogic systems.

The old concepts of the mind discovered by buddhist meditators are now being found accurate by scientists.

What old hindu yogis have became aware thousands of years ago, was only now uncovered by modern technological instruments.

Our power of observation, awareness and bodily/energy control is more powerful than what it modern science makes it out to be. Don’t neglect it.

We develop this awareness and control in the course:
>>> Vitality and Energy Training

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