Dark Charisma

Apparently some people have taken quite a bit of shock by Charisma School mentioning Hitler, Mussolini or Stalin as charismatic and magnetic.

The rationale behind that is because they were monsters who were responsible by murdering millions of people,  and as such they can’t be charismatic and shouldn’t be studied.

My thoughts are the exact opposite as you can imagine.

We tend to think that charisma is a positive value, but “bad” people may have it too. And yes, you can use it for bad purposes, although in Charisma School we don’t teach it for those purposes.

No one can deny the atrocities committed by those dictators and I’m sure no one in their right minds can condone their behavior.

Yet, this shouldn’t stop us of studying how they could fascinate millions of people with their charisma.

If there’s something that can’t be denied is their charisma.

No one can deny their power in public speaking.

They could capture the minds of entire nations, fascinating them with their personal magnetism (as well as their propaganda) and lead them to die for them and commit all sorts of inhumane acts.

This for sure needs to be studied. If nothing else, to avoid being swayed by charismatic leaders. If we just put them under the rug and pretend it never happened, history is bound to repeat itself.

Learning what they did and how they did it is also of crucial importance to understand how to project your own charisma and how to fascinate the minds of others.

Charisma and fascination can be a very powerful trait, one that can be used for good or bad.

It’s up to you to choose what do you want to do with it. But one thing is certain… we can’t remain in an ignorant state and allow ourselves to constantly be swayed by the charisma of others, forgetting our own objectives and ideals.

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