De-Constructing your Personality

The Charisma School training is done by “de-constructing” and “re-constructing” your internal machinery.Habits, internal feelings, self-talk, mind processes, energy and so on.

This is not a comfortable or an easy process.

Any process that messes up with your sense of self is not going to be pleasant.

And that puts many students off.

They think they want a change, until they actually start to experience it and notice how uncomfortable that is.

And yes, I’m not going to lie, it’s very uncomfortable.

How could it not be?

You are used to think of yourself and having certain internal feelings, and all of a sudden, whole new feelings come crashing in.

You need to learn new ways to handle them.

Defense mechanisms need to be destroyed and new ones constructed.

That’s the cost of new personality structures.

Sorry to say but you can’t keep comfortable in your old self, old habits, old “mind”, and still be

For the very simple reason that your old self wasn’t charismatic. And if your goal is to become charismatic and magnetic, internal and external change must happen.

If you want to retain the comfortable old habits and old mindset, you’ll keep getting the same results you’ve been having until now.

There’s no mystery there.

Whenever you are ready for real change, start with the 10 Steps to Inner Power here:

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