Decrease the resistance inside of you

The exercises you do to increase and grow your magnetism are as important as what you do to decrease the resistance to personal magnetism and its energy.

Personal magnetism it’s not only about growing the energy or learning how to project it.

If you don’t allow it to flow freely inside of you, then it’s like you are filling a leaky bucket.

On one hand, you are increasing your magnetism and the energy in your body, but on the other hand you are blocking or resisting this very same energy – decreasing its effects on your body and mind.

You don’t need to be a master of magnetism to understand that this approach won’t take you very far.

Most people have more problems with their own internal blocks and internal resistance than they have in increasing their energy.

Energy is like water. It needs to flow inside of you.

You may think that this is only related to personal magnetism but it’s not.

It’s way bigger than this.

The same way you are holding back your natural magnetism, these very same blocks are blocking your true purpose in life, or the energy of the universe, or whatever you want to call it.

It’s not just about personal magnetism. It’s much broader than this.

For you to realize yourself, to fulfill what you are here to do, you must allow something higher to work though you. And the only way to do it, it’s to reduce your internal resistance. To feel free and allow the the energy to circulate inside with no resistance.

You want your internal world to feel like a gentle flow of all energies inside.

No blocks, no obstructions to its circulation.

Only this way can you not only develop personal magnetism, but also fulfill your true purpose in life.

This is the place where a lot of strange coincidences start to happen. Events that push you to a different place or to different situations.

If you are resisting them, if you are fueling the blocks in your body instead of dissolving them, then you are not giving any opportunity for this higher energy to work in you.

This happens with everyone.

A student told me how he was plagued with a hard life decision he had to make. He was carrying this burden for at least two years and could never decide what he wanted to do.

Because of this, he lived in indecision and, of course, inside of him, there was heavy resistance and strong blocks. It was an inevitable consequence of indecision.

But recently he could finally decide.

He took no immediate external action about it. It was a deep internal decision – but a solid and important act.

On this very same month, even if there was no external action on his part, he already had at least four new different situations that fell from the sky on his lap and moved his life forward, when everything was stagnated before.

Not to mention a few other strange coincidences that never happened on the past two years.

He didn’t even need to do anything. Just this solid internal decision was enough. The “universe” took care of the rest.

This may seem magical or mystical, but it’s quite logical and mechanical. It’s not magical at all, it’s simply the laws of energy at work.

To help you unblock the energy inside of you, we created The Unblocking Process. As you now understand, this not only addresses your personal magnetism, but it goes much further than this.

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