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Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“Will I be able to make my mind blank with this new concentration training?”

It is impossible to make your mind a blank. There’s always something there. Even the most advanced meditation masters, don’t have a “blank mind”.

They have a controlled and tamed mind, which is very different.

Even though you can’t make it “blank”, you can choose what passes through it and what you choose to hold your attention.

It is possible to choose a thought and to hold it without being distracted by anything else or by any other thoughts that may pop up.

That’s true concentration.

Choose whatever you want to focus on, and maintain it for as long as you’d like.

And this is an intense focus. Not the superficial focus, used by 95% of the persons, where most of the time is spent with distracting thoughts, whether they recognize it or not.

Intense focus means extreme productivity and performance in all areas of your life, whether intellectual pursuits, athletic training or entrepreneurship.

This can happen unconsciously in many situations. I’m sure you’ve already went through situations of “flow”, where everything else fades away and the only thing that exists is what you are presently doing.

Yet, unfortunately, this doesn’t happen as often as you’d like.

And we also use this concentration power negatively.

Fear is concentration on the thoughts and feelings of fear.

Suffering is concentration on the thoughts and feelings of pain. Once you let go this focus on the pain, the suffering is reduced or eliminated.

Anxiety, worry, grief, it’s the same.

This is all done unconsciously. I’m sure you consciously don’t want to feel pain, suffering and anxiety. But that’s just a reaction of your mind which you don’t know how to control. And I’m sure that consciously you want that pleasant intense focus more often.

What you can do instinctively, you can do it under intelligent and conscious decision.

In learning concentration and mind control, you are learning to “override” instinct and the unconscious use of your mind, so you can replace it by self-control.

You are bringing out your own Will to control the mind activity. You are learning how to avoid the negative reactions of your mind, and increase the positive ones – more flow and more mental intensity, and less pain and anxiety.

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