Developing Your Energy Perception

A good chef can have a quick blindfolded taste of any plate of food and tell you immediately most of the ingredients.His sense of taste is very well developed due to the years of experience.

In Charisma School one of our main goals is for you to develop your sense of energy perception. So that you are able to recognize inside of yourself and in others, the energy you and them are projecting.

When you are trained, you can sense this energy easily in yourself and others.

Just like a good chef can identify the correct ingredients, you need to also be able to identify the correct type of energy and where is it coming from.

This is an unknown aspect of experience for most people.

Most people rely only on external cues like body language or the spoken words to understand what’s happening.

But once you open your awareness to the energy dimension, then it’s like you unlocked an hidden lock to the world.

You start to see a new reality that was always there but very few people were aware of.

There are a few individuals who can intuitively access this sense of energy perception. They seem to be magicians or highly intuitive. But it’s not magic. They can just feel things most people haven’t learned how to feel.

Just like a good chef can identify a weird ingredient in any plate of food.

So in Charisma School, we want you to feel, understand and manipulate for yourself this energy dimension.

It’s not enough for me to tell you the “rules” of sexual energy and tension energy.

It’s important you to understand them experientially.

This way you feel what lowers your sexual energy and what increases it. Who is projecting it and how. What are you projecting?

More than any guideline I might give you, your true goal is to have this energetic sense well developed and feel for yourself.

Start to train this hidden dimension of energy perception with the course:
>>> Vitality and Energy Training

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