Developing Tensing Habits

Here’s an interesting question from a reader of this newsletter:

“I read a book called: Instantaneous personal magnetism. It contains amazing facts, but I did have trouble to understand the tensing habits that the author was referring to many times.

What’s the nature of these tensing habits?”

The book you read is from Edmund Shaftesbury of the Ralston Club, one of the pioneers of the teachings of Personal Magnetism.

To understand his teachings and his “tensing habits” you need to understand where he came from.

In the time he lived (late 1800 and early 1900), society was different than nowadays. Poise and
fixed mannerisms was one of the biggest sources of personal magnetism and commonly taught everywhere in high society.

Your posture, the way you talk, walk, and your own Will was supposed to be rigid and tense in order to maximize personal magnetism.

When he found out about tension energy from other New Thought and Hermetic authors he applied it to his own views of society and this type of personal magnetism making it a lot harder and “fixed” than it has to be.

The tensing habits refer to applying tension energy into everything you do. And this is perfectly fine and what we also teach in Charisma School.

The problem is the way that is taught with Shaftesbury, which is overly rigid such as the society back then.

So his teachings come outdated in our modern society and new energy developments we had since then.

There are easier ways to achieve a better personal magnetism than his overly rigid tensing habits which will create awkwardly rigid persons in todays modern society.

To learn and develop “modern” personal magnetism we developed the training series of Personal
Magnetism that you can find here:

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