Difference between Will and Inner Power

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Is inner power and Will the same thing?”

it’s important that this question is clarified as they are two important concepts we use in our training.

Inner power is what gives you a high degree of self-confidence, self-esteem, assertiveness, that extra edge that gives the difference on how you look and behave in the world.

It’s a combination of different skill and traits that involve the control of your own mind as well as your communication with others.

So not only you are training your mind, you’re also developing skills for your interactions. So it has a broader range of development.

The Will is a much more intimate connection with the core of your being. It’s a connection with your center of self-consciousness. What exactly do you WANT?

The Will allows you to DO whatever you truly WANT to do.

For that you need to discover what you WANT, and then connect with that desire to actually DO. While the inner power is a broader range of skills that allows you to apply and become whatever you want to become.

Let’s use a computer analogy. With inner power is like you have a full operating system… while the Will it’s understanding the coding language that is used to connect with the very core of your computer.

So yes, think of the Will as part of inner power. We can’t talk about one without the other. That’s why the training 10 Steps to Inner Power also develops the Will, as well as many other skills needed for overall inner power (including powerful communication with others).

As you progress in your training, you can differentiate and train the Will quite clearly. We go much in depth into it – including the whole process for it – on Will Mastery.

Now you understand how they are both part of the training of charisma and magnetism. They both develop your power in different ways.

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